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Police Girl

November 2007



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Nov. 11th, 2007

Police Girl

Oh boy...

Well I figured out why I can't do anything at all graphics intensive on this machine. The video card / openGL drivers are ancient. To boot, there's no such thing a linux drivers to gateway-exclusive hardware. I really really REALLY need to junk this machine.
Anyone have need for a only mildly screwey Pentium 4 1.8G box with 512 of RAM and a touch of the downs?


Nov. 6th, 2007

Police Girl

Good morning, sunshine

Well all holy crap, I un-killed the machine! Following a massive error in Fedora I pretty much got really bored with this thing and decided I was done screwing around with it for a while. Then earlier this week I got bored and tried to install Ubuntu on it, well that didn't work because I didn't have enough memory. So I bought another stick of memory and shoved it in! Ubuntu installed, and the boot loader failed reliably every time when trying to boot from the HD. It'd go from the live CD but not from the HD. Angry, I let it sit. Then I surfed a few ideas and went to try Debian instead. Well it took me a minute to realize that Debian had a net-install image available to burn onto a CD. So I did that, and it didn't work for the same reason Ubuntu didn't work. Its a hitch with newer linux kernels and older systems puking on the chipset. Fortunately though the Debian devs knew about this, and had a patched version out. So lo and behold, I install that one instead and it works!

So we're on Debian now, and have more RAM. Let the playing resume! Muahaha.

Dec. 9th, 2006

Police Girl


Its December already. I've updated the machine four times, crashed it three, and I still haven't gotten any RAM for it. I suck, I know. But I'll get to it. The adventure ever continues. :D

Oct. 1st, 2006

Police Girl


I'm stupendously bored, its not even funny. I have decided that when I order the RAM for this box I'll also be picking up a dual core processor for my winbox and possibly bump it to 4G of said RAM. May consider another HD as well.

But yes, its pouring and miserable outside, I have a hangover, and I have no interesting programs to play with on this machine. I need ideas!
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Sep. 29th, 2006

Police Girl

Er, ah

Okay well I haven't done anything linux related tonight. Nor did I do anything really linux related last night. I decided to be a lazy slob and sit in front of my `doze box and fiddle around with online games. I do get the feeling though that Saturday evening will have some time spent burying my brain in code because I *need* to keep all this stuff fresh and ground into my head because if I don't use it enough I'll forget it immediately. I'm just that bad. So yes, I think tomorrow will involve a great deal of fun after I get out of work.

Heck, who knows I might just end up back on this thing tonight because I'm a helpless fool and I enjoy playing with code too much.

Sep. 27th, 2006

Police Girl


I got Flash player working. Mind you I had a little tip from a friendly person in the fedora_linux group. They pointed me towards selinux, and I went sifting about the doco from there. I needed to either work the plugin into the selinux contexts, which totally confused the hell out of me, or just switch selinux to a non-barring mode.

A quick edit of the config file under /etc/selinux in a root session, a save, and reboot the thing because selinux run in the kernel later and POW. It works! So I've switched selinux to permissive mode, but not disabled it. Once I figure how to work the plugin into the selinux context I'll switch selinux back to enforcing mode. However for now it works, and working is what it needs to do. Yay!
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Police Girl

Okay so...

I've failed at Flash 7. Either that or 99% of the internet wants flash 9 and is totally incompatible with Flash 7. That is truly annoying. However the plugin is there in the plugins folder and everything supposedly worked. It just.. doesn't work. Firefox also keeps wondering if I'd like to install Flash! *STAB STAB STAB*

I did manage to get updated Java installed, and on the first try no less. Installing java was a longer and more complicated process, but it worked on the first try. Whereas Flash is supposed to be "self-installing" which NEVER works on systems with as much box-to-box directory flex like Linux. Or at least, that's what I'm blaming it on. Unless I'm just that much of an idiot, but I'm really starting to get pissed at FireFox, or Flash, or something! Its driving me bonkers. I also over the course of last night and today managed to run Pup and update everything and its damn brother. That took a while, but most of the time I was asleep or at work anyway. Whatever.

So we have success at Java and Package updating, and continued failure with Flash or anything else macromedia related. I'm going to have to ask someone if there is some special something I'm missing that's just special about FC5 and Flash or if I'm just stupid.
Oh well, guess this means I should really get messaging software online now.

Sep. 26th, 2006

Police Girl

It never stops!

I'm getting pretty decent at unzipping and installing things in the terminal. Especially when they have good documentation and I know what files to prod to make it work. This linux thing ain't so hard after all. I just got Flash 7 to install correctly. Though technically I have to log out of this session and back in to see if it really works, but I'll take my little victories as I can get them.
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Police Girl


Its day two of Linux and day one of journal. So a quick recap of the things that came before I got this journal online.

Day one
(Sunday morning) Attempt to burn Fedora Core 5. Fail at doing so nine times. Go out with friends.
(Sunday evening) Fail at burning Fedore five more times only to realize its not user error after all, but crappy software problem. Download a copy of Alcohol 120 and burn entire Fedora Core 5 install set and system restore CD on first try. Spend several hours simultaneously installing Fedora on this computer and MU*ing with the the XP box. Once Fedora is installed, attempt to get it on the network and fail. Pry apart "streamlined" Gateway computer case with a screwdriver only to realize that there is a button and a latch clever hidden behind a panel on the fron where any tech used to industry standard cases would never think to look. Open case. Discover that aftermarket network card that was lying around will not fit in streamlined case. Trim mounting bracket to fit in gateway case and install network card. Boot computer, fail to access internet. Re-configure several times, reboot several times. Remove all ethernet connections and devices on the software end, reboot, manually create new ethernet connection with new card chosen as device. Succeed in accessing internet. Update FireFox and look into chat programs. Get completely lost in this. Stay up way too late.

Day two, Monday Evening.
Get home from work and fiddle with computer more. Get very tired of using my trash can for a monitor stand, a dead case for a keyboard stand, and a box to put the mouse on. Remove television and DVD player from bedroom and build a workstation out of scrap lumber found around basement and garage. Use old countertop as workstation top. Declare it a success and move computer hardware over. Make new (longer) network cable and tape it to the floor to keep from tripping over it. Install Second Life linux Alpha client and run it, note framerate of terrible-ness and proceed to investigate system stats. Make notes that involve upgrading to at least 512M RAM and a 100G HDD sometime before next year. Shut computer off and boot primary box, proceed to chitchat via ICQ with an old friend. Switcch sessions between KDE and GNOME interfaces, decide to stay with GNOME because while KDE is easier, its easier because it looks like Windows and the point of this is to train myself in an operating system that isn't Windows.

Day Three, Tuesday evening. Today.
Get home from work and boot primary box, fiddle around with various MU*s and decide to get working on nixbox. Spend some quality time eating dinner, have a beer, then download TinyFugue and learn the hard way how to unpack, compile, install, and run programs in the Termminal. Remember how to actually use TF with help from friends via primary box. Putz around on familar MU*s for a while and decide to create a journal for linux adventures. Spend some time looking for user icons, jump for joy at availability of amusing user name, create account. Busily customize look of account about as much as I feel like doing so, continue chitchatting on MU*s.
That quick recap brings us about to present. I figure tomorrow I'll get back to looking at connecting to ICQ and such via this box so I can keep in touch with friends more easily while I so studiously beat my forehead against this totally alien operating system. I figure it'll take a while for me to get everything set up the way I like it, then I'll start tinkering with things like Perl, and setting up a webserver. Isn't this fun?